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Get to know the Artist, Ann Marie Campbell

Local Artist, Ann Marie Campbell has turned her love for classical paintings into a passion for mural painting, where she specializes in fine art frescoes in large-scale areas. She will create her magic in your home or office, or you can find her artwork for sale in galleries in the Sacramento area such as American Visions Gallery in Folsom.

Ann Marie is based in Folsom, CA. She paints throughout the US, and teaches classes locally in Folsom. She enjoys helping budding artists perfect their craft by teaching them the necessary techniques involved when creating a painting, mural or just changing the look of a wall! She paints the most "real-life" looking skies in California and is known for her classical, old-world themes.

A native of Los Angeles, Ann Marie received a BA from UCLA's School of Fine Art, and is a lifetime member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. She continually takes courses to refresh her skills and on new technology as well in order to be able to paint teach the most exciting new types of painting.

National Recognition:
Ann Marie has achieved critical recognition for her work in the Virgin Megastores throughout North America. She traveled extensively for Virgin Retail USA, and her work
can be seen in Times Square, Union Square, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Island, New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver, Columbus, Burbank, Orange County, Hollywood, Orlando, Miami, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, and more.

In each store, Ann Marie has created beautiful frescoes reflecting the music sold. She painted large classical murals in the style of Michelangelo in areas where classic music is featured. Sketchy pen and ink style murals grace the Jazz departments. Old movie posters painted as frescoes grace the Movie/Film departments. Hip-hop murals and world music motifs have also wound their way into the megastore. Additionally, Ann Marie has painted in Catholic Churches, restaurants, hair salons, and malls.

Professional recognition:
Professional recognition includes articles in the following publications:

  • Best of Show in the Best of Folsom event, 2005
  • Artwork on display at American Visions Gallery in Folsom, 2004-2005
  • Sacramento Magazine
  • City Lights (1998)
  • Front page feature article in the Business Section, Sacramento Bee (1998)
  • Feature article in Interiors, Sacramento Bee (1997)
  • Feature article on the Front Page, Folsom Telegraph (1997)
  • Feature article in Woman's Wear Daily Magazine (1995)
  • Feature article Front Page, Catholic Herald (1993)

"If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens." - Grandma Moses (1860-1961)


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