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Creating an environment you can enjoy!

View the following artwork Ann Marie has created. See what style fits your personality or space. If you have a vision for something not shown here, call Ann Marie for a complimentary consultation about your idea. She can design, paint or recreate almost any image, photo or design to capture your most intimate desires.

Which style represents YOU?
(this would be situated in between the collage of photos to attract attention and make them choose)

(the following will be situated along the top of each separate page describing the artwork in that style. I need help with some of this, the descriptions ö try to talk in a way thatās the same as the others)

Murals and artwork for the home or office - ivy clings to walls; potted topiaries in whimsical shapes frame doorways, while beloved pugs lounge on satin pillows, and grapes being a slow climb, edging along borders and scraping silently around rooms.

Murals and artwork for a retail environment - a world where ancient frescoes breathe into life on the bulkheads of modern media stores, angels muse on domed ceilings and stone archways lead to mysterious gardens filled with noiseless secrets.

Ceiling Murals and Themes -  Bring your eyes UP to the hottest new trends in design: ceiling treatments.  Plastered 3-D design and bands of color and texture surround pale frescoed delicate scrollwork or Grecian urns. See this to appreciate!

Tromp L’oeil (tromp-loy) French for “fool the eye” - Wine glasses and chocolates painted so real that you reach out to touch!  That is TROMP L'OEIL, invented centuries ago to add whimsey and beauty to any setting. Imagine ancient pots filled with topiaries and marbled columns flanking your entry doors, or butterflies nesting on your laundry room walls, or birds nesting in your study, all complete with perfect perspective and shadows

Angels and Old-World cultured murals and artwork – Let Italiniate themes or French charm enter your home through classic frescoed angels, vistas onto a Venetian canal, or custom-made tapestries.  Cracked Linen Murals for niches and alcoves and Wallcoverings add drama and transport you across the centuries to Old Italy and early France.

Children’s themed murals - here, rabbits materialize along baseboards in a field of wild flowers, space ships blast from the ground into space and giant fairies and princesses dance into the moonlight – we can create the most extraordinary child’s fantasies.

Movie Memorabilia murals - a world where graphite-rendered musicians play silent melodies, where faded film stars from a bygone era are frozen in time

Call Ann Marie today for a complimentary consultation in your
home or office to create a style that fits you!

(916) 705-2002



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Each image is copyrighted as the artist's own, and may not be reproduced without permission.